The Third Piece


In my early 40s I attended a event hosted by a then famous stylist. She was in her early 60’s and very attractive. She spoke about developing a sense of style for each stage of your life. I enjoyed hearing her thoughts, but put little stock in most of what she said. Except for one thing.

Her theory on a third piece for each outfit.

She always had a third piece to her look each day. What?

When I was 40  it made no sense to me. I could pull on a t shirt and jeans and feel dressed and ready to go. Now, I cannot carry that look off as easily.

I will give you some examples that I use in my life.

I board a plane to NYC this am, I am wearing my favorite AG jeans. They are straight/skinny but not jeggings.  I  choose a white simple V-neck top and a striped scarf as my third piece. It finishes my outfit. It also hides any little flaws that may show in a white top.

For a day of shopping in the city, I chose a pale grey sheath dress, and added two long draping necklaces. They serve as my third piece.

On my way home I wear black leggings, a different white top, longer and a sweater tied around my shoulders. If I were traveling to a cooler climate, I would add a jacket over the sweater tied around my shoulders. It will now look like a scarf, but keeps my back warm and gives me a pop of color and my finishing piece.

What is the magic about the third piece? Is is a needed distraction when everything in our appearance is a little more challenging? I think it is more of a sophistication move–you are not the girls in a t shirt anymore. You are the gracious interesting looking woman.

Finding my way here has taken many years. I  don’t want to try and pretend I am someone else. I am proud of this person tucked into this great outfit.

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