The Colors of Greece

Gythio, Gytheio, Gytheion, Gythion, Githio

We wake to the sputtering sound of a small fishing boat.

The door to our room is thrown open to reveal the coast of Gythio, Greece. A small historic island at the foot of the Taygetus mountain range. As we look around, three sides of the island have mountains and one side dips into the sea.

The sun is strong here spotting a bright deep blue sky.
The sea is completely calm as if we were on a lake.

Today as we wandered around the village. We were told of a local haunt where they make  mavistikes, a flat hot bread covered with sea salt and oil. The chef served it scorching hot with a large strip of local white cheese. It was amazing. “Oh it must be served with beer,” he instructs us.
And it was the perfect compliment. The beer is deep amber and very hoppy.

Next he brings a kabob of dark pork. Squeezing fresh lemon on the entire combination. We pull the bread apart and eat with the cheese.

Over the door of the cafe is a small bird cage. Three small parakeets chirp and and flutter. “Good luck,” the man says as I take a photo of the birds.

We tromp about in the village. Then, I spot it. A small shop with soft scarves hanging outside.  We had to climb a steep ramp to reach this boutique. A small quaint hotel sits beside the store. Both overlook the dock and the sea.

The store is extremely small with a wall of handmade jewelry. Baskets of handmade sandals and scarves of every color. Can you say heaven?

A hour later my patient husband carried the packages to our tender boat.

Travel, what does it give you?

Experiences. Textures and colors that are now imprinted in your mind. Seeing other people like you, Working dreaming and carving out a life.

Unlike you, but also just like you.

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