Soaking Up My Grandchildren


For the past few days, I have been babysitting my grandkids. The twins are almost 7 and baby Emmaline is 19 months. After everyone was sleeping I sat quietly to try and figure out what makes grandchildren so extremely dear in our lives. It’s not really the darling things they say, or the smiles and giggles that flow like magic from them every hour.

It is something more pure. Remember the feeling when you first fell in love with your husband? That first love feeling? Then your children were born, the magical stunning emotional love you have for that child is unspeakable.

Then life drifts along for years. And it happens, new love all over again. This time it is for a grandchild.

Nothing can compare to new love. Falling in love all over again with someone who is part of you, but this time it has an added bonus. You are not completely and totally responsible for them. Your are responsible for the good things, the fun times, the memories. Wait, there is more. Age. We have learned to appreciate the best things about children. The giggling, endless questions and even the fighting is fun.

I force myself to make the “mad teacher” voice when they are unruly, but inside I am chuckling about how inventive they are.

Some days its hard to find great thing about being older, but being a grandmother is definitely  one of them. I decided to make a list of some other good parts about getting older:

*You can travel, because you’re not working as much and you have some extra $

*The little things, most of the time are just little things and you don’t wigged out about them

*Your friends have known you a long time, it’s easy to be with them, no explanation needed

*You can lie about your age. Older gets better responses like, “wow you look so wonderful for you age”

*Waking up early is easier, older people need less sleep.

*You know lots of music because you have lived through lots of genres.

Okey, it was hard to come up with too many. So we better soak in the really good things about this stage. Like Grandkids.

“It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us”

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