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I have not been blogging lately, but after a small gathering several ladies asked me why I was not writing.

No real reason, just life, I guess.

Today seemed like the perfect day to begin writing again.

As I sit down to write, I see my big stack of books I am reading or planing to read.

I find that reading comes in seasons for me. Some seasons I can’t get enough to reading. Then other times, I can go for a few months without reading at all.

In the category of: “Really want to read and feel it would be helpful in my life”

***The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. By Marie Kondo

This small book is about decluttering your life. I kinda hate to read it because it requires action. I am not sure if I am there yet.

***Traction. By Gino Wickman

This is a business book–it is really fantastic. I know you’re thinking I don’t own a business anymore, so why would I be reading this book. I am reading it because I think it is a cross-over in other projects in my life.

***On Writing. By Steven King.

Yes, Steven King. This book was a gift from a good friend and I have loved every page of his view on writing. I see it working as I am writing to you.

***How Full is your Bucket? Love this  book by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton.

It is a book about interactions and their effects on our daily life. Love this book.

***List for Living/list for life. By Myrna Ossin.

Was this book written for me? It sure seems like it. It is a resource book for life.

***Steps to Christ. By Ellen G White.

This small pocket book is full of God’s grace to us. As I read these passages, I know I am taking one more step to becoming closer to Christ.

On the fun read list:

***The Expatriate, by Janice Y K Lee

This book is a intense novel, full and thick with adventure.

***The Improbability of Love, by Hannah Rothchild

This is a fun novel with characters rich in history and silly in imagination.

That is my reading list. Let me know if you have any great books to add to our list.

“A reader lives a 1,000 lives,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”

Ahh read on…

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