My Favorite Holiday


The new day slips open with a flaming pink sky. I can hear small finches chirping in the palm trees. They hop and flit quickly around the palm-frons.

It is a typical November morning in Florida.

Thanksgiving will be here before I know it. It is my favorite holiday. I count the guests we are expecting and plan the table settings. I try to plan the perfect time to hit the grocery store.

The menu is both traditional and not traditional at all. We have vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters and picky children all to make it more fun.

I read this blog by Seth Godin: Seth Godin: Thanksgiving Reader My family voted that his Thanksgiving Reader was too long to read at Thanksgiving dinner, but I enjoyed it anyway. Perhaps you will too.

Since our family is a pretty impatient crowd, I wrote a small poem instead. I think this is about all the Thanksgiving reading they will do:

We are gathered here
with lots of cheer for this holiday.

Come dine with us, don’t make a fuss
the menu is quite broad.

Chick peas and beans
for those don’t believe in eating birds.

For those who do, oh what a coup
five kinds of turkey we will stew.

Potatoes, beans and all the rest
It’s Thanksgiving……Wow, what a mess.

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