Looking Ahead: Plans for Life


“Ultimately, really successful people live their lives by design instead of default, so if you want to be one of them, dedicate time and effort to determining the plan for your preferred future and execute that plan in a focused and consistent manner.”

This small paragraph has been my mantra in life. Now as I have taken the steps in “renewment” also know as retirement, I must find a new focus.

My new 58 list was almost completed, but then my 58 year turned into 59.

My new list is:

59 things to be excited about

I thought I would share the top 10 with you.

  1. Build and plant a raised garden and plant for winter
  2. Begin tennis lessons
  3. Write 10 small poems
  4. Learn two pieces on the piano
  5. Learn how to make and can marmalade
  6. Host 6 dinner parties this year
  7. Plan and go on two fishing trip in the US: Montana and Colorado
  8. Find a new volunteer project, just giving my time directly to another human being
  9. Memorize one bible verse each week
  10. Make sure I spend quality days each month with my grandchildren

The first paragraph I quoted still is critical to my life, but now I can temper it with a timeline I love.

Creating value in our lives when we are not working is something that takes effort. Being proud of how we spend our days and being accountable to God for the days were are given is really important.

Just because I do not have a job to go to each day, does not mean I have no critical assignments in life.

Make your list, and share it with us. Together we are stronger and smarter women.

Vegtrug: raised bed gardens

Project Renewment

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