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The lounge at Luma in Winter Park has a very LA feeling to it.  The leather chairs are worn just a little, inviting you to sit and sip something very pretty. I am meeting a friend about the age of my children. She has a sparkling smile and carries a silver tote bag that makes her look very cosmopolitain.

We catch up for a few moments and then, as always, this radiant young woman tells me what she is reading.

“Oh, and this podcast I love I thought you may enjoy.”

She pulls her business card form her wallet and has been generous enough with her time to write down the new self development books she is reading and a podcast with exciting life ideas.

This young mother is a executive at a small company, has a small child and a husband to take care of and finds time for read 5 books at a time.

I am amazed and a bit ashamed. The last book I read was wonderful, but not really mind developing. I have been meaning to learn how do download podcasts and listen via bluetooth in my car, but have not done that.

New, it’s all new. New words to my generation, new ideas,  quickly we can be left in the past. Shockingly quick.

Having young women as friends is such a privilege. They are like a breath of fresh air to be around.  They are reading books that my other friends are not reading, their dreams are different. Fresh.
They see the world from a different viewpoint.

As I drove home that night I asked myself, what are my dreams, what business ideas do I have. What 5 books am I reading that would spur my mind to think new thoughts? How can I keep my view of the world crisp?

I smile as I think about it. How lucky I am to have women in my life who want to sit and dream, to talk and not gossip. Women who are passionate about their families, their children and their community.

Lucky I can call them my friends.

Luma On Park

James Altucher: Expert who recommends reading 5 books at a time. “Choose Yourself”

The Life Coach School: Podcast by Brooke Castillo

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