This time of year, nothing has more meaning than GTD (Getting Things Done).

I wake in the night with random thoughts of all that needs to be accomplished. Fruit needs to be sent to an Aunt in Colorado. Did I wrap that gift card? Where did it go? Do I need to buy gifts for my stepson, grandchildren?

I toss and turn, trying to find a cold spot on the sheets. Finally, I give up and get out of bed. I write all the worries and concerns on a long list. Now I can sleep.

When morning arrives, I pour a cup of scalding coffee and look at the list. Nothing that seems to be an emergency. Just a list that need to be addressed. Why does everything seem so gigantic in the night?

I write GTD on the top of the list and begin to make calls to order the items and check which gifts need to be wrapped, scratching off each item as I go. The day slips by quickly, I hop into bed happy that the list has only two items left.

And then… the night fights me again. My mind zooms.

*Why is the internet still out in the office?

* I have to remember to get the suitcase repaired. Handle sticks in the up position.

* Did the dog get her flea medication on the first of the month?

* Why does my mother not want to come to the beach for Christmas. Is it the drive?

Oh man!  I slink quietly our of bed. My husband is sleeping peaceful. I pull out the long thin tablet and write GTD.

1) Sleep more

GTD by David Allen

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  • Emmy Lawton December 22, 2015 at 1:06 am

    You nailed it-GTD!!! My nights totally relate. Merry Christmas to a super woman who gets it done😘

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