Giving Season


My office is filled with wrapping paper and ribbons. Little bags and boxes are stacked about. It is Christmas!

I begin to organize the gifts by families. The gifts that need to be shipped have to have the first priority. I put sticky notes on each gift, matching them with boxes that fit each purchase.

Sitting on the floor, I begin the process of making all this mess turn into lovely gifts. It is a labor of love. I have a color scheme this year. Obviously I have too much time on my hands.

But what if I could not do this? What if the money was not there to buy gifts for others? Would I still feel this same dreamy Christmas feeling? Could I enjoy this holiday if gifts were completely out of the equation?


I would love the baking and making jam.

I could still enjoy the Christmas tree, without those pesky gifts under it, somehow it would not be as special.

What about the holiday parties? They are just as fun with or without gifts. So thats is one for the giftless list.

I sip steaming hot tea and look at the chaos spread on my office floor. What makes this so much fun?

It’s the giving that makes it Christmas.  That’s just it.

So if I want to find this joyfulness the rest of the year, I need to find more ways to give all year long. Perhaps I can give of my attention to someone who is lonely by listening better. Can I give the gift of time to people in my life ?

I can create moments and traditions all year with friends who are dear to me.

Giving. Could it be the key to our happiness? I am quite sure it is.

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