Five Lessons I Learned From Market


I spent the last week in New York City. It was my last trip as a buyer of women’s fashions. I am officially on sabbatical. As I flew home, I thought of the things that I had learned from being a buyer and a small business owner. I thought it might be fun to share them with you.

#1) trust your instincts

Know yourself, your style and believe in your decisions. Second guessing yourself… it never works. Not in life, and not in fashion.

#2) believe in the power of kindness

Early in my career the older buyers and successful retailers would caution me to be tough. Don’t let the garmentos cheat you. Be aggressive. I chose to be polite, to build relationships and to make friends. They never cheated me, and most always gave me better deals and more leeway.

#3) always arrive early

I have always hated being late. It makes me feel panicked and edgy. I developed a habit of going into the office early, enjoying the quiet time and preparing to take on the day before my team arrived.

#4) be a true team member

While I have always owned my own business, I have tried to make all my employees feel like they are a part of the team. I like to say my employees work with me, instead of for me. It matters to everyone. It makes you a team. You are just the captain.

#5) make each deal a win-win

That goes for the vendors you buy from and the clients you serve. It applies to the people you work with and the family members who sacrifice so you can succeed.


Now as I turn the page in my life and find new passions, I will carry the lessons learned to the next phase. Who knows what could happen next.

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  • Donna Hadley September 28, 2015 at 2:31 am

    Have loved visiting (ok, and shopping/buying) at Bella’s/Hutton’s. Will miss the “Susan touch” at the store when I visit Winter Park to see MaryAnne. Thanks for always being so welcoming. I have so many favorites I bought while shopping there with you—thanks for being my personal shopper!

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