Ancient Ephesus


Have you ever been somewhere that was so awe inspiring that you could hardly believe you had the privilege of being there?

That is how I felt in the ancient city of Ephesus. To sit in the market where Paul preached and wrote the letter to the church of Ephesus, touched my heart deeply. To see where he was imprisioned and imagine all the lives that had passed through this place was so humbling.

We spent the afternoon studying the terrace houses that are being reconstructed. We are a small group of 9 people and an archaeologist who had been the leader of the discovery process here in Ephesus. His knowledge and passion of the time and the characters made the past come alive.  The advanced sewer systems, the tile flooring still intact. The shops that lined the walkway thousands of years ago.

As we are about to tour the terrace house, carefully protected from the elements with a $11 million tenting system, we meet a young doctorate candidate who works with our guide.  They greet each other in the most interesting way. The student take his hand pressing his forehead to his own head and then his hand to the head of his teacher.

I enquire about this greeting and the young man replies, “he is my great teacher. I want to show the greatest respect to him for he gives me life in his knowledge.” The young man is dressed in brown shorts and has dust from the dig all over his arms. ” Everything to come in my life will be because of what I have learned from him. Ahh teacher”. He gives his teacher an affectionate grin.
Wow that is big, I think it myself.

The day was soon over and we drove back to our home base. What a day. So much to soak in. I fall into my bed that night reviewing the day. The steps of Paul, the lives of people from 400AD, the student with his praise. It is why we travel.

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  • Emmy Lawton October 19, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    I too, was blown away by the sophistication of the planning in an ancient city & the fact that Paul had walked & preached and moved about in those very spaces. We forget how young our civilization is, but how much has happened since the birth of Christ. Also loved your “Briars for Breakfast”. I know that I identified with your words!

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