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If you’re thinking sweaters this fall, you MUST think cashmere. This season Minnie Rose seems to have stolen my heart. My favorite piece is black of course.  I would describe it as a car coat length, with 3/4 sleeves and just the right amount of fluff to the fabric. Minnie Rose has hit it right on many styles and colors. A bright colored ruana, with fringe, is probably the closest thing to fun you can actually buy.

Belford sweaters are a great sweater for this fall as well. Belford is probably one of the oldest sweater collections in the US. This winter I love the petal colored cashmere ( I would have called it bubble gum). I wore it with dove white jeans and loaded up the neckline with pearls. I love the crisp look. They also have mock turtle necks that I love. We are showing it in a green tea color, which is a soft pale green.