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Introducing: Fishing in Pearls

What? Huh?

Fishing in Pearls?

I know it sounds silly, but this title illustrates perfectly what this part of life is about.

Hear me out…..

I love to fish, anywhere, anytime.

I love to wake up early, head to the dock and set out on the boat.

I always add a little scarf or a pair of earrings or pearls.

Just to remind myself that although I am heading out to get dirty, compete with nature, and try to catch something wonderful…

I am still me.

Slightly prissy, a lover of beautiful things, and generally, kind of a Barbie, except with something real in her head.

Fishing can be hot and sweaty with no bathroom.

Sometimes it’s bitter cold and windy and you ask yourself, “do I consider this fun?”

It often requires intense strength as you struggle to hold on to the rig while fighting with a big fish.

Fishing can also be part hiking, carrying your gear, wading in the mud and the rocks,

But even after all that…

there is the joy of catching something, the delight of the big fish being pulled onto the boat, the quiet of the remote stream as you release the wild fish.

Some days you catch a glimpse of a whale off the side of you boat, or a rare wild duck paddling nearby.

It sounds like life, huh?

Plugging along in the everyday muck, climbing over rocks just to get a glimpse of the big prize fish.

Knowing that all the hard stuff will eventually lead to something outstanding.

The thrill of winning.

As you wonder thorough all the unpleasant stuff, you can choose to dress it up.

You can add pearls and remind yourself of who you are.

Now that I am on a new page of my life. I hope you will join me on this journey.

We are going Fishing in Pearls.

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