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Life Can Become A Habit

I sit quietly in my bed looking out at the water and reviewing the past few days.

I am lucky, I am rarely tired, but this morning I wake up overwhelmed.

It’s late October, 2014.

Last night’s event is over, a big success for the charity.

I smile with that thought.

The cleanup will be finished by noon.

I must think of getting to the office that has been neglected for a few days.

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As Time Goes By

I see her walk in to the restaurant.

I can see her before she can see me.

She looks so much thinner now then the last time we planned a lunch date.

Time sure has a way of tricking us.

When I think of myself, it is not as a 58 year old woman, but instead someone who is closer to 38.

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What’s Your Shade?

A friend and I sat having tea this week discussing our lives, new books we are reading, and lip stick.

Yes, right up there with our children is the very appropriate conversation of lip color.

I have been an unabashed lip stick lover from an early age.

One vivid memory from my child hood was finding a small mini sample from the Avon lady and applying it heavily in my grandmother’s bath room mirror.

I also recall the scrubbing I got when I appeared at dinner all dolled up in my lipstick.

For me, lip stick is part of my persona.

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Picture Perfect

Several years ago I had a photo taken with Barbara Bush.

I was excited to receive the picture in the mail.

I was a real fan of hers and felt so honored to be in a photo with the First Lady.

The flat brown package arrived two week later.

I pulled the much anticipated picture from the envelope to see lovely Mrs. Bush with her poised look next to me with my feet far apart and a slightly shocked smile on my face.

Oh Gosh

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What’s Your Look?

I walked into the store this morning and it looked like a garden.

Each rack divided by color.

Sparkling pink tops paired with white jeans.

Printed dresses line the wall with green and pale blue patterns.

Patton leather handbags in brilliant hues with matching scarves fill the shelves.

It is spring!

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Some days here in Florida you feel like you could not get a more perfect day.

That is how I felt about yesterday.

The shiny new neon green leaves have pushed their way out onto the trees.

From the front door of the store I have the most exquisite view.

There are two small trees that are in full bloom.

Their white flowers rain tiny drops of spring on the side walk below.

Inside Hutton the racks are full of new fresh colors.

Pink and yellow, navy and crisp white.

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6 Favorite’s For Spring

After a few days in NYC, it is hard to express how thankful I am to live in Florida.

The cold biting wind, the feeling that your feet get after a few days, you know the “let me out” feeling of boots.

Spring is definitely in the air here.

This morning as I dressed for work I had to think spring.

You know it’s weird, we wish for the cooler weather, then once it arrives….

you find yourself wishing for warmth.

I made a quick must have list for spring:

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 There is nothing like it.

All the things you love.

A pillow that is so small and soft…

 It fits you just right.

The dog, fresh flowers, the sound of the sprinkler during the night.

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There are No Words

We arrived in Queenstown and went directly to the waiting helicopter…

Off to Minaret Station.

A remote lodge only accessible by chopper.

The flight to our lodge was so breathtaking and so frightening that I had to make myself breathe.

After a 45 minute trip over mountain ridges and deep still lakes, we arrive.

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Packing it all in

Ten days, four venues, and a small carry-on bag.

Good grief.

That’s all I can say.

I am usually pretty good at packing, but this one is a challenge.

We are about half way through this leg of the trip.

I have stored a large suitcase at the airport and now continue with a single carry-on.

Can’t get on a helicopter with a big bag.

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